Clay.Body, 3 x 1.8m Mixed media on canvas 15/02/2023

the clay body prints are integrated into my mixed medium figurativepainting, in which different times and spaces are compressed into one dimension. Through multiplying the use of material and this iteration, my work transitioned towards ambivalence and hybridity


Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 inches

This surrealistic painting reveals psychological tension and emotional drama between mother and daughter, it was inspired by the story of“Apollo and Daphne” in Greek mythology. A daughter’s love and attachment to her mother is so intense and powerful, that the mother could be overwhelmed by the responsibility, a mother’s darkest desire to escape is depicted through the state of metamorphosis.  Furthermore, the daughter is playing with a doll, and the playing serves as identification with her mother, she is playing the role of her mother and the doll is herself, this refers to Freudian theory in “ Oedipus Anxiety”.

Self Portrait

Oil on canvas, 18 x 26 inches

This surrealistic figurative painting is charged with aggression and emotion, it was a candid self-portrait of my psychological state at the time. The animal-like pose of the protagonist depicts the emotional response toward chaos and trauma I experienced.

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