Hi, I'm Ren Wooldridge!

I am a multidisciplinary artist, my practice might be wide-ranging in scope, which includes painting, printmaking, and sculpture, my subject matter remains the same. My work draws on my personal lived experience, explores feminine psychological dynamics, it grows from a personal narrative to a collective subjectivity, it is intimate but universal in its relevance. Clay is a  dominant material in my current work, my processual engagement with clay and embodied methodology of making have shaped my studio practice. Psychoanalytic theory and feminist new materialism theory, especially the work by Karen Barad and Donna Haraway have been the major influences on my recent work.  ​​​​​​​Scroll down to see more

Mela Monument
-Shared Portal and Journey
Clay is my language in interpreting identity and feminine psychodynamics. While exploring embodiment and materiality in the process of making, my recent sculptures serve as visual dialogue reflecting my interest in drawing the connection between body and meaning, self and other. The body, often seen as a vessel, finds its counterpart in the tactile nature of clay. Sculpting from within, I create hybrid forms that encapsulate a state of metamorphosis and challenge the boundaries of the self.
Experimental Performance
Collaborative Art Project
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